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Taj Mahal Tours

Hello India Tour is a tree of TajMahal Tours, pick one from the bunch. TajMahal tours start from Delhi, Choose in between Car or Train. If you choose the TajMahal tour by Car, then you will begin your journey with us from Delhi. Don’t worry about Car quality as customer safety is our top priority. We offer tours by normal car like Toyota or Maruti and also by luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW & Audi. You have the option to choose in between TajMahal tours by Car or TajMahal tours by Luxury Car. 

At the same time TajMahal Sunrise Tour and TajMahal Day Tour both are possible. If any of our customers love to travel by train, thenTajMahal tour by superfast train is also available. Train tour package is one of the most lovable packages in our bunch. Transfer from Delhi to Agra by Gatimaan Express train in just 90 minutes. Each package of our TajMahal tours offer luxurious services like meals in five star hotels, Entrance in monuments without any queues and travel in private space. Look at the variety from one day TajMahal tours to Multi Day TajMahal tours. Hello India Tour fulfills all types of customer choices.

Emperor Shah Jahan gave TajMahal to Agra and then this city became a piece of paradise. From monuments to cuisine, every single thing about Agra is a hot topic for travellers. People choose the TajMahal Sunrise tour and they enjoy the famous breakfast of Agra, People choose the TajMahal sunset tour then the variety of dinner makes them excited. We Hello India Tour are ready to give you a warm welcome in the city of love &TajMahal, as we have already done with thousands of our customers.


Best Taj Mahal Tours From Delhi

Hello India Tour offer an excellent range of the Best Taj Mahal Tour From Delhi specially personalized to match each tourist’s specifications. Our packages for Delhi Taj Mahal will allow you to gain a deep insight into the coveted property of the country. Designed to ensure an enjoyable expedition to the fascinating places of North India. We promise to enjoy the most fascinating destinations that showcase the splendor, luxury, culture and architectural brilliance of prehistoric India.

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Enjoy with us, Taj Mahal Tours from Delhi Airport and a remarkable visit for the first time and repeat travelers to the country. Our travel services covers Golden Triangle Tour Packages, Rajasthan Tour Packages, New Delhi Tour Packages from Delhi.

Want to add something to our package? Looking for something else? Our expert team will personalize the package to meet some of your needs.

Taj Mahal Tour From Delhi Airport

Whether you are an avid explorer with enough time to enjoy Day Trip to Taj Mahal, across North India or a busy tourist looking to make the most of less time, we will make sure you experience an unforgettable and fulfilling vacation.

Our Taj Mahal Day Tour From Delhi Airport Specializes in providing the best single visitor plans, tour packages with multi-language approach especially for large groups and special travel packages for foreign/domestic and corporate clients.

We absolutely swear by it and consider it the fulfillment of those travel dreams that inevitably make you full for the day. We have been providing immersive experiences for many years through our ultra-modern designed holiday packages and other essential travel services.

We encourage our travelers to lead a life enriched with memorable travel experiences.

Perfect For Lengthy Weekend Tours to Taj Mahal

Your long weekend vacation with us is also different. We know this is a big decision and a long lasting experience. It will be forever memorable moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Our exhilarating tour packages will sweeten your unforgettable moments with an excellent backdrop location, wonderful experiences and comfortable accommodation.

We understand how essential your long weekend trips are and so are the innovative long weekend getaways for visitors who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and paint the city red.

Why is the Taj Mahal Great?

Taj Mahal is a tour package of monuments which is not only a great building; This is a palace built in memory of love. The exquisite construction done by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal is considered a ‘symbol of love’. Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, this site is one of the seven wonders of the earth. A colossal monument built of white marble is considered a gem of the Mughal Empire and is the most satisfactory model of Mughal architectural design.

Mughal Architecture of Taj Mahal

Being the desire of individuals and visitors globally, the Taj Mahal Tour attractions an infinite number of tourists every day. The greatest number of visitors reach Agra, only to see a single majestic building that they had come to know from the mouths of many.

The incredible architecture and the creation of this fascinating wonder reflect the artistic skills of the 22,000 labourers occupied in making another marvel of the earth. The weather, location, and everything else make up this marvelous framework’s glory and grace.

People’s view about the Taj Mahal

Every prominent poet and explorer has a ton to tell when describing the Taj Mahal. Yet, the well-known poet Rabindranath Tagore expressed it as a ‘teardrop on the cheek of immortality’ whereas Rudyard Kipling states that the Taj mahal is ‘the embodiment of all things pure’. While the maker of this magnetic construction expressed that this architectural masterpiece ‘created the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes. The unique sight of this most attractive mausoleum of the earth is the greatest pleasure of the people globally.

Holding a great historical value, the structure of the Taj Mahal is an engaging tale in itself. As it is stated, “If you have never experienced the Taj Mahal trip even single-time in your life, you have not witnessed anything in your lifetime”. As it is not only Taj, it’s the Taj.

Now, do you need any additional reasons to add the Taj Mahal Tour Packages to your Taj Mahal itinerary? We guess not.

Come and experience the grace of India with us!

Taj Mahal Tickets and Taj Mahal Timings 2023

Taj Mahal Tickets and Taj Mahal Timings 2023 – (Taj Mahal will open 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes before sunset during days of the week)

The Taj Mahal remains closed on Fridays. On other days it is always open.

Ticket Outlets

(Taj Mahal Online Ticket Price from Entry Gate Ticket Counter)

Know about the Taj Mahal Online Ticket Price information available here. You can visit our company website: www.helloindiatour.com.

  • Taj Mahal East Gate: Taj Mahal Tickets are available at Taj Mahal East Gate. (Time – 1 hour before sunrise to 45 minutes before sunset).
  • Taj Mahal West Gate: Taj Mahal Tickets are available at West Gate near Saheli Burj. (Time – 1 hour before sunrise to 45 minutes before sunset).
  • Taj Mahal South Gate: – (Not Allowed)- No entry from this Taj Mahal Gate, currently only exit is allowed.

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Golden Triangle Tours

The name Golden Triangle is formed because 3 major cities make a triangle shape on a map. India’s Golden Triangle starts from Delhi then meets Agra & Jaipur. All 3 historic cities connect with culture and politics somehow. In present Delhi is the capital of India, In Mughal’s era Agra was the capital of India and for many centuries Jaipur was the capital of Rajasthan.

Hello India Tours offer quality packages for Golden triangle. From the 2Night 3Days package to 6Night 7Days packages are available with us. While exploring Golden triangle you will visit Old & New Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra City & Rajput dynasty monuments in Jaipur city.

All three cities have their own specialties in terms of Art, Cuisine and Culture. Delhi is also popular as “Dilli”, which means the city of people with a golden heart, Agra is also known as The City of Love & Jaipur is popular as pink city because of wall colors in old Jaipur.

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Rajasthan Tours

Rajasthan is the hub of Royal Families, Marvelous Palaces, Historic Fortress, Hindu & Jain Temples, Traditional Arts or Crafts& Cuisine. All these factors are enough to attract people from all over the world. Being the biggest state of India, Rajasthan have TharDessert ,Aravali Range of Hills and Tropical dry forest or Tropical thorn forest.

Each & Every corner of Rajasthan is decorated with heroic history & stories of legend, this pride history motivate new generation to being patriotic. Every city have memorials or grave of martyr and tell us about the scarifies of blood.

Hello India Tours offer variety of Rajasthan Tour Package, You can choose one from the bucket. We promise you for luxury service and make you feel royal. No need to wait, contact Hello India Tour and let us know your requirement and rest we take care.

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Smart r
Smart r
Comfortable and good excursion tour to Agra from New Delhi. Great day trip The long 3hrs++ drive was in a comfortable and spacious new Kia Carens. Driver Shahid Kham spoke fluent English and was a careful. Driver. We impressed with the transportation service. Tour of Taj Mahal was complimented with a knowledgeable tour guide, Qurban Ahmad. Very informative and detailed information given. Breathtaking and majestic view of both Agra Fortnand Taj Mahal
Pau G
Pau G
Delhi tour Mil por ciento recomendado, Laxman (De Hello India) fue excelente, nos explicó con lujo de detalles todos los lugares que visitamos. Si vienes a Delhi no dudes en recorrer la ciudad junto a el.
Charles C
Charles C
Excellent service, Reliable and Satisfying experience with services. No regrets and recommended 👍 Punctual and safe driving adhering to speed limits by friendly driver Shahid Khan in a new Kia Carens. Informative and knowledgeable Tour Guide provided by Qurban Ahmad with fluent English and good time management. Found the Tour company accommodating and good communication via tour booked online via GetYourGuide online.
Natasha L
Natasha L
Great Informative tour, guide provided great insights into all three locations. Learnt a lot. Will use the service again.
Antonello S
Antonello S
The best way to see Taj Mahal with Bobby I had a wonderful experience with Bobby the tour guide who showed me the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Baby Taj Mahal. He was very knowledgeable about the history and culture of these monuments and shared many interesting facts and stories with me. He also had a great sense of humor and made me laugh with his jokes and anecdotes. He was very flexible and accommodating and allowed me to enjoy a slow paced tour without hurrying between places. He also took care of all the arrangements and logistics and made sure I was comfortable and safe throughout the tour. He was the best tour guide I ever had and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to visit Agra and see the amazing sights. Thank you Bobby for making my trip memorable and enjoyable!
Delhi to Agra - Day Trip with Arif &Shahit Our Guide Arif gave us a fabulous and memorable Agra experience. He is very knowledgeable and was able to cater the tour to our needs. Highly recommended and thank you.
Nicest guide!! Manav, you were an absolute great guide. Traveling as two grils to Delhi seems like a challenge, but thanks to you we had the most perfect day. Super polite, comprehensive explanations & very impressive fotography skills! When in New Delhi, book a tour with Manav, you will not regret it.
Great Taj mahal visit Loved the tour. Taj Mahla was so beautiful. The gardens. But the most important thing was the guide. Khalid Aka KT was great. He was knowledgeable, you can see that he loves the history of the place and that is contagious. He was really nice and people friendly. Thanks again. Definitely recommends.
Massimiliano S
Massimiliano S
Giornata a Delhi con Man Tour della città di Delhi, vecchia e nuova con la simpaticissima guida Manvendra singh shekhawat, detto Man. Dal mattino alla sera mi ha illustrato ogni angolo della città e fatto provare ottimi locali. Man super consigliato!
Full day tour with Lareb - Old and New Dehli Great tour with Lareb who took us around many parts of Delhi. First started with Old Delhi and then moved towards New Delhi. At each location Lareb gave us a lot of interesting information about the background to the building (often temple so intriguing religious background) His explanations were very clear and he also went around each location at a nice pace, we were not rushed. The transport involved an A/C taxi along with tuk tuk for the hectic streets of New Delhi. The walking was reserved for around each sight.

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