Golden Triangle Tours destinations showcase the best of ancient India, carrying a powerful history spanning thousands of years. It is a memorable highlight of any trip to India. The three cities in India’s Golden Triangle tour are the epitome of history, culture and heritage.
Starting with Delhi, the capital of several classical kingdoms for most of its history. Home to the mighty Mughal Empire, Agra is full of stunning monuments that recall the golden age that once ruled India. Few need an introduction to the majestic Taj Mahal, the highlight of India’s Golden Triangle.

But the environment changes completely when you move to Jaipur, with enchanting views of heart-stoppingly beautiful forts and lake palaces. With its triangular shape, Golden Triangle Travel Packages showcases the wide range of colors of India and you cannot afford not to miss them.

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Experience the Indian wilderness by playing for your Golden Triangle tour with Ranthambore. Or, if you want to witness the diverse culture of India at the same time, plan a Golden Triangle tour with Varanasi..